10 Mixed Lotus Seeds Aquatic water Plant Mixed Colors Seed USA Grower

10 Mixed Lotus Seeds Aquatic water Plant Mixed Colors Seed USA Grower

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10 Mixed Lotus Seeds,Only Seeds!




Sowing time: Lotus seeds have no dormancy period, as long as the water temperature can be maintained above 16 degrees Celsius, all seasons can be sown. Lotus seeds need 50-60 days from sowing to flowering in spring and 60-80 days in autumn under suitable temperature and light conditions.

Summer water temperature of 20 - 30 C is very suitable for lotus seed germination, depending on the number of seeds in a bowl or pot filled with water, to soak seeds for degree. Put it indoors and change the water twice a day. It can germinate within a week. After sprouting, put it in the sunny place, strengthen the light, water is indispensable. After 2 weeks, fine roots and 2-3 young lotus leaves will grow. When the leaves are like money, the roots can be divided into different parts.

Pottery pots or plastic flowerpots with a diameter of 18 cm to 30 cm without bottom hole are selected, and half pots of pastoral soil or river pond mud without chemical pollution are added in the pots. Soak in water two weeks in advance, and do not apply fertilizer. When transplanting, the fine roots of lotus seedlings were put into the mud, and one plant per pot was planted. After transplanting, appropriate amount of water was added, so as not to submerge the leaves of lotus.

The water quantity of Bowl lotus varies with time. The seedling stage should be shallow water. With the growth of floating leaves, the water surface will gradually increase. When the standing leaves stand out, the basin can be filled with water, about 6 cm thick. In summer, water should be watered frequently. If water is lost, the leaves will soon scorch. When the temperature is not high, the water should not be too much at a time. If there is too much water, the water temperature and mud temperature will decrease, which will affect the growth and development of plants. In serious cases, lotus root will rot and die. Bowl lotus likes sunshine, should put the pot in the sunny place.

After the successful growth of the standing leaves, as long as the water keeps flowing, it will grow rapidly in the heat and rainstorm, exploding pots at the speed of a new leaf almost every day. The most vulnerable and critical planting link is the period from planting to the growing of the standing leaves. Whether it is planted with lotus seeds or lotus root, it needs extra care and care. When planting Bowl Lotus in the courtyard, the flowerpot must be placed on the outer edge of the sunny or south-facing balcony. During the blooming season, those who need to be placed indoors for viewing can either enter early or leave late, or enter late and leave early. A certain amount of light should be maintained every day.