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6PCS Eye Make up Brushes Set Soft Foundation Eyeshadow Blending Brushes

6PCS Eye Make up Brushes Set Soft Foundation Eyeshadow Blending Brushes

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6Pcs Make up Brush Set

Eco-friendly synthetic hair makeup brush significantly reduce the risks of allergy.

Cover and conceal hard-to-reach areas of the face, such as the corner of the eyes and nose.

Uneasy to be scratched, wear resistant.

Anti-fingerprint, easy to clean.

Brush hair : Synthetic Hair

Eye shadow blending brush,:this rounded brush has soft fibers that form a dome shape, enables you to achieve natural blending of colors. Blend eye shadow along the contour of eye with the brush, to create natural and even color gradation.

Small eye shadow brush: this small brush has a rounded edge with smooth, firm, soft fibers, for precise shading on the lid. Pick up some eye shadow, apply it on exact area you want to shade, and blend it.

Eye shadow brush:a soft and smooth brush with a rounded edge, to shade or blend eye shadow. Pick up some eye shadow with the tips of hair, apply it on lids and blend it.

Eyeliner brush: this brush has short, slightly rounded hair, good for applying gel liner in the crease of your eyes. The small shape of this brush offers precise definition, can be used to line and smudge around the lash line.

Tapered Eye shadow blending brush,:a small tapered shadow-blending brush, offers more controlled application and blending eye shadow. Gently glide the brush on lids little by little, to achieve a natural blending of color.



6pcs Make up Brushes Set



1. Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement.

2. Please allow slight color difference due to different monitors and lighting environments

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