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Mosquito Flying Insect Trap Indoor Plug-in Bug Catcher Zapper Lamp for Home

Mosquito Flying Insect Trap Indoor Plug-in Bug Catcher Zapper Lamp for Home

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Product Features

  • Features in a 365nm light source with stable wavelength,expanding the scope ofattraction.

  • Mute design to work in silence and create a comfortable environment.

  • The product is low-energy. Physical insects control brings no toxic.

  • Designed with convenient replaceable sticky trap board,which stickiness is strong to keep insects trap efficient.

Safety Precautions

  • Before use, please read this instruction carefully and keep itproperly for future use.

  • This product and its packaging are not toys. Take care ofchildren. Never allow children to play it.

  • Before use, please check whether the plug and the machineare damaged. lf any, please stop using. In order to avoiddanger, please do not disassemble the product by yourself.

  • This product is not suitable for people with physical, sensoryor mental disorders (including children) or lacking of experienceor knowledge, unless they are supervised by personsresponsible for their safety or given prior instructions on theuse of the machine.

  • The odor of human body is more attractive than the trap light.Please avoid using the machine around human body.

  • Before connecting the power supply, be sure to check whetherthe voltage marked on the product is consistent with the supplyvoltage.

  • Do not allow the power cord and plug to be in contact with thehigh temperature surface and sharp corners. Do not immersethe power plug and the whole machine in water or otherliquids.


  • When the machine is working, please avoid interference fromother lighting sources.

  • Keep the sticky trap board out of reach of children to avoidaccidents.

  • Do not stare at the light source for a long time, or exposeyour skin to the light.

  • Please do not spray any other insecticide or mosquitorepellent on this machine.

  • When the machine is not in use for a long time, please unplugthe power plug.

  • Do not install the machine in a dusty, humid andhigh-temperature place. Install it in a cool and dry placeKoep it away from the fire source and strong heat sourceand avoid direct sunlight.

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